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Shipping Charges - Note that's overdue!

Overdue note on Shipping Charges!

The shipping charges are based on total quantity you add to the cart!  The pricing is a combination of item you chose and the total quantity based shipping charges. The shipping charges would not be zero for any any range. 

The table below provides details of shipping charges for a range of Total Quantity in your cart:

Total Quantity Range      $

  0.25 kg -   1.0 kg        50.00

  1.25 kg -   2.5 kg        30.00

  2.75 kg -   5.0 kg        22.00

  5.25 kg - 10.0 kg        18.00

10.25 kg - 15.0 kg        15.00

15.25 kg - 25.0 kg        12.00

If you are in GTA Canada and you want to PICKUP, use the discount code PICKUP that will appear on your checkout screen (prior to shipping charges screen) to get a $7 instant discount. 

You can choose Cash on Delivery if you are picking up in person.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support!


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